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SYSTEMA & experiences 1

The martial art Systema (the system) is a well-structured military system that combines the knowledge of traditional martial systems and the knowledge of modern science, in particular biomechanics (biomechanics). Combines the modern with the old. Structured in a way to cope with all fight conditions. It is a system composed of entire philosophy and accessible to any who choose to deal, since the philosophy emphasizes, that each human body must be trained up there who can. Through the passage in the training and having understood the structure of the system enables the trainee to find his own paths by creating his own fighting techniques. That is, an open system that everyone can express himself by means of the training. With the right guidance and knowledge of the instructor Mr. Lampros Fekkas a trainee can learn the system safely and effectively.
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SYSTEMA & experiences 2

Practicing the Systema, as an active member of The Dojo, I noticed that in a very short time, increased both the elasticity and my muscle strength. The body gradually relaxed and began to release from various tightness and motor difficulties because of an old injuries. As a result of all this, I was able to run comfortably and performing different exercises which normaly was imposible to perform either due to pain or because of the limited range of motion of a joint. Dynamic exercises and drills-breathing and relaxation techniques that applyed to The Dojo, have proven beneficial for my body. Systema as a martial art is something different. In The Dojo we are training to understand the mechanics of the human body and the natural movement with absolute freedom, without being restricted by specific postures or positions. Read more

SYSTEMA & experiences 3

In all sports, including martial arts, structural and necessary element of a complete workout is a complete warm-up program. This introductory part of the training will lead the practitioner physically from the phase of calm in the phase where the peak intensity at practice smoothly and under optimum conditions.

Making an attempt to examined and judged on the effectiveness of the warm-up program of the instructor Mr. Fekkas, from physiotherapy perspective, can be derived some useful conclusions. Firstly be noted that this is not a standard warm-up program with the usual warm up exercise protocols. It is something much more complete and superior because it precedes from the training and could be described as warm – up

Originally instructor Mr.Fekkas tries to warm up trainees with small muscle contractions, eccentricaly and concetricaly . Thus, for the musculoskeletal and nervous system through the increasing the temperature, creating conditions for improving the elasticity of muscle fibers and contracticle parts of the muscles. Likewise, it s increasing the conduction velocity of nerve impulses thus making the operation of the protecting reflexes effectively.

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